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Mxd Mai Tai – 24/16OZ CANS


MXD Mai Tai combines the flavors of Caribbean rum, pineapple, orange and lime to deliver a classic Mai Tai cocktail that would be welcomed in any Tiki bar. This extremely sessionable and refreshing liquid provides the perfect balance of flavor and alcohol with a clean finish. MXD? Cocktails with Character. 12% ABV

Mxd Margarita – 24/16OZ CANS


With a classic, ?platinum green? margarita color, MXD Margarita has a tart lime and well-balanced, salted margarita taste. At 12% alcohol it is amazingly balanced and smooth. 12 % ABV

Mxd Strawberry Daquri – 24/16OZ CANS


MXD Strawberry Daiquiri has a very balanced taste, typical of as classic daiquiri. Ripe strawberry notes along with rum and lime come through. Despite its 12% ABV, very little alcohol burn is evident. It?s quite drinkable, not overly sweet or cloying, with a clean, balanced finish and just the right amount of alcohol kick. 12% ABV

Mystery Beer Box 12 pack


Get wowed with you open your box o’ surprises from Beverages2u. From beer, cider or setlzer we throw a bit of everything in your mystery box.

12 items in one box of fun

Natural Light 15/12oz cans


A wonderfully blended and balanced American-style light lager. Natural Light is a favorite drink when you’re making those epic stories happen. Its longer brewing process produces a lighter body, fewer calories and an easy-drinking character that’s welcome in any story.