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Pittsburgh Brewing Company

The Iron City Brewery (also known as the Pittsburgh Brewing Company) was started in 1861, located on 17th Street in Pittsburgh, by Edward Frauenheim, a young German immigrant. It was one of the first American breweries to produce a lager. The company soon began brewing Iron City Beer, which would become the enduring flagship creation of the Iron City Brewing Company.

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IC Light – 30/12OZ CANS


The only premium light lager that embodies all things black & gold. I.C. Light is brimming with bold iron city flavor. Low on calories and carbs, this is the refreshing, crisp taste and smooth finish preferred by champions everywhere.

Iron City – 30/12OZ CANS


Pittsburgh brewings flagship brand is a traditional American Lager brewed in classic Pittsburgh style. Build on 150 years of brewing experience, Iron City Beer Boasts notes of sweet corn and smooth, crisp barley malt for a dry finish with very little bitterness. Since 1861, the signature recipes is lightly hopped, lightly carbonated and easy to drink

IC Light Mango – 24/16OZ CANS


With the crisp, refreshing splash of all natural mango flavors, I.C. Light Mango is an entincing tropical twist on the classic taste of I.C. Light. This is the juicy, mouthwatering premium light beer ready to transform any summer get-together into a tropical getaway.