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Looking to follow his family’s passion for brewing, Jim brewed the recipe in his kitchen with the hopes of challenging the status quo in the American beer industry. He started by introducing American drinkers to craft-brewed beers that were full-flavored, balanced, and complex, and brewed with quality ingredients. Pleased with his brew, Jim started The Boston Beer Company with his co-founder and first employee, Rhonda Kallman. In those first months, Jim walked bar-to-bar with a briefcase full of beer that he called Samuel Adams Boston Lager, in recognition of one of our nation’s great founding fathers, a revolutionary man of independent mind and spirit. Boston Lager soon became a catalyst of the American craft beer revolution, making its public debut in Boston on Patriot’s Day in April 1985. Six weeks after its introduction, Boston Lager was selected as “The Best Beer in America” in The Great American Beer Festival’s Consumer Preference Poll, which became an award Samuel Adams Boston Lager went on to win an unprecedented four times.


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Sam Adams 76 – 24/12oz Cans


A lightly golden, slightly veiled brew with subtle citrus tropical aroma that is refreshing and smooth. Light citrus aroma of an American ale and the clean finish of a lager.

Twisted Tea Peach – 12/24 OZ CANS


Hard Iced Tea with Peach Flavor Peach lovers, we?ve got your back. Twisted Tea Peach combines real brewed tea with the refreshing flavor of your favorite fruit. Heading to a BBQ, the golf course, or the beach? Reach for the Peach! ABV: 5%

Twisted Tea Raspberry – 12/24 OZ CANS


Hard Iced Tea with Raspberry Flavor Raspberries are a symbol of kindness. Impress your afternoon party pals with that fact, while serving them this great-tasting hard iced tea. And don’t be surprised if they say ?would you kindly get me another one?? ABV: 5%

Twisted Tea Light – 12/24 OZ CANS


A lighter version of Twisted Tea Original Twisted Tea Light gives you a great excuse to eat anything you want! So go ahead, grab a second burger off the grill. Say ?Sure? when they ask ?Dessert??. Twisted Tea Light is daytime delicious. ABV: 4%

Twisted Tea Half & Half – 12/24 OZ CANS


Hard Iced Tea with Lemonade Flavor Perfect for a hot day, whether you?re floating down a river, or just wanting a delicious ice cold way to beat the heat. Our Half & Half combines classic flavors of iced tea and lemonade, with a kick. ABV: 5% Availability: Year-round

Twisted Tea Blueberry – 12/24 OZ CANS


Hard Iced Tea with Blueberry Flavor The ultimate way to go blueberry picking is by picking up a 6 pack. Planning a day at the beach? Having some friends over for an afternoon that starts at breakfast? Days like these call for refreshing Twisted Tea Blueberry. ABV: 5% Availability: Year-round

Twisted Tea Blackberry – 12/24 OZ CANS


Hard Iced Tea with Blackberry Flavor Blackberries grow in the wild. So this is the perfect flavor for your wild afternoon adventures, whether that?s waterskiing, parasailing, or backyard lounging. Get your adventuring or relaxing on with an ice cold Twisted Tea Blackberry in hand. ABV: 5%

Twisted Tea – 12/24 OZ CANS


The one that got the party going Our fans love unwinding with Twisted Tea Original?a hard iced tea made with real brewed tea. They also love race tracks, country music, and tailgates. Made from select tea and natural lemon flavor, Twisted Tea Original is refreshing, smooth, delicious, and of course, a little twisted. ABV: 5%

Truly Black Cherry – 24/12OZ CANS


Slightly sweet and full of flavor, made with some of the world?s best black cherries from the Pacific Northwest. Serving: 12 oz. slim can ABV: 5% Calories: 100 Sugars: 1 g Carbs: 2 g Gluten free