Craft Soda Connoisseur [Holiday Gift Box]


12 pack contains 1 each of Boylands Birch Beer, Hank’s Orange Cream, Johnnie Ryans Cherry, Red Ribbon Grape, Day’s Strawberry, Dr. Browns Black Cherry, Boylands Rootbeer, Hank’s Vanilla Cream, Johnnie Ryans Cola, Red Ribbon Almond Cream, Dr. Browns Diet Black Cherry, Jarritos Tamarind

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Craft Soda Connoisseur Holiday Gift Box

No Wrapping Necessary

12 pack includes:

  1. Boylands Birch Beer
  2. Hank’s Orange Cream
  3. Johnnie Ryans Cherry
  4. Red Ribbon Grape
  5. Day’s Strawberry
  6. Dr. Browns Black Cherry
  7. Boylands Rootbeer
  8. Hank’s Vanilla Cream
  9. Johnnie Ryans Cola
  10. Red Ribbon Almond Cream
  11. Dr. Browns Diet Black Cherry
  12. Jarritos Tamarind

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Dimensions16 × 16 × 12 in


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