Guinness Irish Heritage Pack 18/11.2 oz Bottles




  • Guiness Draught – six (6) 11.2 fluid ounce bottles.  Guiness is the world’s most popular stout.  Stout is a dark beer with a very strong flavor
  • Smithwick’s Premium Irish Ale – six (6) 12 fluid ounce bottles.  Brewed in Kilkenny for over 300 years.  Ale is brewed using warm fermentation with brewer’s yeast.  The yeast ferments the beer quickly, giving it a sweet taste, that’s balanced by the addition of hops.
  • Harp Premium Irish Lager – six (6) 12 fluid ounce bottles.  This is a pale lager.  Lager is beer fermented and conditioned at low temps, and the pale version is the post popular style of beer in the world.

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Weight20 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 12 in


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