Moody Culutre Kombucha: Hopped Up Galaxy 12/16oz Glass Bottles




water      tea      sugar     SCOBY

Healthy bacteria is good for our bodies,  right?  But what about that sugar?  Isn’t sugar bad for us?  Well, it turns out that during fermentation the sexy SCOBY eats the sugar and turns it into a fantastic, tasty, slightly carbonated Moody Culture Kombucha! Pretty cool, right?  We get the good stuff while the SCOBY eats the not-so-good stuff before it even gets to us!  Ah, the wonders of Mother Nature.

We use the highest-quality ingredients we can gather to make the absolute best kombucha you’ve ever tasted– or so we’ve been told.   It is a fabulously fine and refreshing libation– yet remains low in caffeine, sugar and calories.  It’s kinda like magic.

Get in the Mood.



Each flavor is exploding with kombucha taste as its base and flavored with real fruits, herbs, and roots.

Our flavors are constantly rotating, so get them while you can.

Almost in the Mood?

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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 12 in


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