Seltzer Lover [Holiday Gift Pack]


12 pack containing 1 each of Truly Pineapple, White Claw 70 Clementine, Nude Seltzer Flavor, Crook & Marker Flavor, Bon & Viv Flavor, Basic Flavor, Press Grapefruit Cardamom, Southern Tier High Current Flavor, Bud Light Seltzer Ugly Sweater Flavor, Vizzy Flavor, Coors Light Seltzer Flavor, Wild Basin Flavor

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Hard Seltzer Holiday Gift Pack with Carrying Handle

No Wrapping Required

12 pack contains:

  1. Truly Pineapple
  2. White Claw 70 Clementine
  3. Nude Seltzer Flavor
  4. Crook & Marker Flavor
  5. Bon & Viv Flavor
  6. Basic Flavor
  7. Press Grapefruit Cardamom
  8. Southern Tier High Current Flavor
  9. Bud Light Seltzer Ugly Sweater Flavor
  10. Vizzy Flavor
  11. Coors Light Seltzer Flavor
  12. Wild Basin Flavor

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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 12 in


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