Tipsy Tomato 24/16oz cans



Credit: Ennoble Beverages

Classic cocktails are loved the world over and one of the most revered of these mainstay beverages is the Bloody Mary. Made with tomato juice, spices, and vodka, Bloody Mary’s are mixed and served at cocktail bars, fine restaurants, and just about any place else where adult beverages are sold. Today, there is a new take on this classic cocktail, and it’s a version that still delivers all the taste, but with less alcohol and no vodka. The new drink is Tipsy Tomato, a ready to serve Bloody Mary in a can from Ennoble Beverages.

Bloody Mary in a Can

Tipsy Tomato comes in two versions: Traditional and Extra Spicy. Both beverages are made using California ripe tomatoes, Sriracha sauce- which is made with crushed peppers, garlic, and vinegar-, and natural flavors such as celery, lime, lemon, and salt. The Extra Spicy version uses the same base ingredients and then adds cayenne pepper sauce made with aged crushed peppers, for added heat.

To serve Tipsy Tomato, just shake well, pop open the can, and taste the goodness. For a more authentic- looking cocktail, pour over ice and serve. If you want to get creative, feel free to add your own additional garnishes like lemons, limes, celery, etc. But if you don’t want the extra effort, don’t worry- Tipsy Tomato is ready to drink straight from the can.

No Vodka Here

Bloody Marys are traditionally made with vodka and sometimes other distilled spirits. Tipsy Tomato, however, is different. It’s made using a malt beverage base, similar to beer and it weighs in at only 5.5 percent alcohol by volume. Because Tipsy Tomato is vodka- free, it can be sold in places where beer is sold and it carries a price tag roughly equal to that of a fine craft beer. That means it’s far less expensive than pre- packaged, spirits- based Bloody Marys and since it doesn’t contain liquor, it is more readily available, as it can be sold anywhere beer is sold.


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