Not all beers are created equal, and neither are beer blogs. We aim to bring to you everything from hop trends (whoops we meant hot trends:), convos with brewmasters, industry insights and more. So, take a sip of that beer you had delivered, and enjoy our first Barley Bites beer blog.

So lets talk I think a great place to start is why beverages2u exists. One, because of you. Without customers to deliver, we definitely wouldn’t be here. So cheers to you my friend! The boring part of the equation is that I saw a need to diversify from what our family owned company (since 1956) does. In simple terms, we deliver Beer to bars and restaurants. So you can certainly say launching the Beverages2U division months before the pandemic was a God send. So I am definitely raising a glass to the big guy in the sky. Sadly, Brentwood Distributing got completely crushed when bars and restaurants had restrictions and shut downs. So crushed that our business was down a whooping 67% in 2020. It was very hard to see hordes of people at big box stores, and watch our restaurant customers being held to different standards. It’s hard to hear customers you have for generations cry on the phone saying that they weren’t going to make it, all while listening and fearing the same thing for our family owned and operated business. 13% of our customers haven’t reopened yet, but fingers crossed that will change for the better.

The nuts and bolts of Beverages2U is that it would not have always been allowed to be an operating business. Luckily for us I read a law that changed a few years back and something inside me kept my brain turning and pushing to launch B2U, coinciding with begging my dad to let me go full force with this idea. Without my parents faith in my business efforts we wouldn’t have launched. We are a close family and their belief in me makes the world of difference. Plus, I would much rather my dad smile at me everyday at the office; no matter how old you get in a family business – those dad looks can still scare you. Launching our beer delivery service in Pennsylvania, certainly didn’t come without challenges. One, it’s a bit hard to get your staff to understand change after four generations. But funny enough, they did after the pandemic hit when they finally realized what my vision had been since the launch. It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks, and the beer biz is no exception

On a special note, this year I have had the pleasure to talk to many of our beverages2u customers , and it truly makes me heart smile to get to know you, and I can’t tell you how much our staff and my family appreciate you using our beer delivery service!

Much Gratitude

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