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Sam Adams Cold Snap White Ale 24/12 oz cans


Crisp & lively, the hazy smoothness of this unfiltered Ale is roused by the cracking of spring spices. From a hint of sweetness from orange peel & plum to the peppery bite of fresh ground coriander, the subtle blend of spices creates just the right feel!

Samichlaus Bier 12 oz bottle-4 pack



14% abv

Brewed only once a year on the 6th of December, the day of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus), this beer is aged for ten months before bottling. As one of the rarest beer specialties in the world with 14% alcohol by volume, it is the strongest bottom-fermented beer in the world. Samichlaus can mature many years in the bottle as older vintages become more complex. A brilliant deep amber, complex dry toasted malt nose and huge intensely sweet palate. It compliments heavy meals and desserts, particularly chocolate.

Smirnoff Ice Red White and Berry 12 oz bottles-6 pack


Keep the party going with the Smirnoff Ice Red White and Berry 6 Pack. These themed drinks bring all the Americana colors to a beverage with delicious cherry, citrus and blue raspberry flavors. They come in a convenient six packs. Enjoy these beverages chilled