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Rebel Hard Coffee Peppermint Mocha 12 oz cans – 4 pack



A creamy blend of Colombian coffee, chocolatey cocoa, real peppermint, and alcohol – just in time for winter. From ice skating, to snowshoeing, or cozying up around the fire, the REBEL Peppermint Mocha Hard Latte is a distinctly delectable beverage to take you to the fringes of extraordinary. Treat yourself to this cool, refreshing, and dangerously delicious limited-time flavor – perfect to satisfy your senses and unleash your inner rebel during the holidays.

Seasonal REBEL Peppermint Mocha Hard Latte

  • Coffeehouse peppermint flavor

  • 100% Arabica Coffee

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Craft brewed malt beverage

  • 5% ABV

  • Notes of coffee followed by a “cool and refreshing” peppermint finish