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Penn Pilsner – 24/12 OZ NR


Our flagship beer. Amber-colored with a malty nose and a touch of Noble hops, Penn Pilsner has caramel and toffee notes as well as toasted, nutty hints. Penn Pilsner is a very well-rounded, balanced, and flavorful lager beer. Details Style: Vienna Lager Alcohol content: 5.0% ABV

Penn Weizen – 24/12 OZ NR


Bavarian-style wheat beer. A very refreshing and effervescent unfiltered ale with pronounced notes of banana and clove. Weizen is lightly hopped, and has abundant carbonation and a pleasant citric tartness. Especially nice during the hot days of summer. Details Style: Bavarian-Style Wheat Beer Alcohol content: 5.25% ABV NOTE: In 2004, Penn Weizen was rated “Exceptional” and awarded one of only two Gold Medals at the World Beer Championship in the Hefe Weizen (Bavarian-style wheat beer) category, joining Germany’s renowned Weihenstephan Brauerei. 2006 – Men’s Journal 25 Best Beers in America”, Great American Beer Festival?: 2002 – Bronze Medal, German-Style Wheat Ale, Great American Beer Festival?: 2000 – Gold Medal, German-Style Wheat Ale, Penn Hefe-Weizen – Great American Beer Festival?: 1997 – Silver Medal, German-Style Wheat Ale, World Beer Cup: 2002 – Silver Medal

Redbridge Lager – 24/12OZNR


Redbridge beer doesn?t need to make promises to stand out from the crowd; its very essence sets it apart. Redbridge is made without wheat or barley, so the approximately 3.2 million consumers who are unable to drink beer made with barley due to Celiac Disease or because they follow a wheat-free or gluten-free diet can once again enjoy a great tasting beer. Redbridge is a rich, full-bodied lager brewed from sorghum for a well-balanced, moderately hopped taste. Gluten free