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Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer


Considered by many to be the best ginger beer on the market today, Jamaica?s Finest Original Ginger Beer is perfect for any of your bar needs. The balanced heat from the all-natural oils and pinpoint carbonation allow you to enjoy this spicy soda by itself, but clearly makes it the perfect complement to any beverage program.

Jamaica’s Finest Hot Ginger Beer


Made using extra ginger root oils (and a couple of secrets), our Hot! Hot! Hot! Ginger Beer turns the heat up. Inspired by those turning to ginger for its restorative properties, we see no reason not to drink or mix, this morning, noon, and night!

JK’S SCRUMPY WINTERRUPTION 12 oz bottles-4 pack



This seasonal, organic, hard cider is just as good as the original with a touch of cinnamon, vanilla and a small drop of maple syrup from old Maple trees grown on the farm. This cider can be enjoyed cool or lightly warmed.