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Mxd Long Island Iced Tea – 24/16OZ CANS


This ready to drink, pre-mixed cocktail captures the classic Long Island Iced Tea cocktail flavor perfectly. A combination of cola, gin, rum and triple-sec are all evident in the taste. All these flavors balance well with just the right sweetness. The finish is very clean, with no lingering aftertaste. MXD Long Island Iced Tea is great for sipping chilled or on the rocks. 12 % ABV

Mxd Mai Tai – 24/16OZ CANS


MXD Mai Tai combines the flavors of Caribbean rum, pineapple, orange and lime to deliver a classic Mai Tai cocktail that would be welcomed in any Tiki bar. This extremely sessionable and refreshing liquid provides the perfect balance of flavor and alcohol with a clean finish. MXD? Cocktails with Character. 12% ABV

Mxd Margarita – 24/16OZ CANS


With a classic, ?platinum green? margarita color, MXD Margarita has a tart lime and well-balanced, salted margarita taste. At 12% alcohol it is amazingly balanced and smooth. 12 % ABV

Mxd Strawberry Daquri – 24/16OZ CANS


MXD Strawberry Daiquiri has a very balanced taste, typical of as classic daiquiri. Ripe strawberry notes along with rum and lime come through. Despite its 12% ABV, very little alcohol burn is evident. It?s quite drinkable, not overly sweet or cloying, with a clean, balanced finish and just the right amount of alcohol kick. 12% ABV

Mystery Beer Box 12 pack


Get wowed with you open your box o’ surprises from Beverages2u. From beer, cider or setlzer we throw a bit of everything in your mystery box.

12 items in one box of fun